About Femico
            innovation through leadership

Fareast Metal International Co., Ltd. was founded in Tainan, Taiwan in 1993 to become Taiwan's leading manufacturer of flange bolts and 12 points. By the end of the year, Femico had completed production of the socket screw products and their lines and had established many customers in Taiwan and the United States of America.

Femico realized that supplying sockets to an already-flooded market and decided to position the company differently to supply a new market. Femico realized that large manufacturing industries needed a new type of bolt to increase their efficiency while reducing their costs. In 1998 Femico produced and released the Grade 2 and Grade 5 Indented-Head Flange Bolt. The bolt was a hex bolt with a serrated washer face to help it lock when tightened. And because the bolt did not require assembly of the split lock washer, flat washer and hex bolt, it greatly increased the productivity of workers in the manufacturing industry. The Flange Bolt soon became a high-demand item.

To respond to such high demand for the Flange Bolt, Femico needed to complete the Flange Bolt lines. But first, the company applied for, and passed the inspections for ISO 9002, CNLA, and A2LA certifications in 1999. These certifications allowed Femico's international customers the assurance that FMI(R) brand Flange Bolts conformed to specifications that were standard in many countries. With quality control in place, the company began production to complete the Flange Bolt line.

In 2005, Femico's investments in new technology paid off with the introduction of the 12-Point Flange Bolt. What differentiated this bolt from the others was that Femico's patented manufacturing techniques guaranteed the bolt would be stronger and better formed than other manufacturers'.

What does the future hold for Femico? We may never know for sure, but one thing will remain true: Femico will continue to use new technologies to increase its Flange Bolt lines and productions.

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